I’m Allie.

I am a lover of really living! Really living to me is being a mom to my kids, 9-20 and lots of other things. It’s being a grandparent (I know, I know, I know) and a great friend. It’s waking up and letting my feet hit the floor with the awareness that I have purpose every day. Really living is slowing down to feel and breathe when that’s all I can do. It’s taking care of my body, mind, and spirit and accepting my whole person as it is, while still being motivated to conquer and dream. It’s knowing beauty WILL rise from ashes, I absolutely CAN do hard things, and they do not have to break me. It is choosing to see that ALL the experiences in my world are shaping me to be a person who is connected to my passion for loving other people and showing them a BIG LOVE. This life is not only about me and how I can help or what I can give, but also focused on what happens in the back and forth of the connection in genuine relationships. I have learned the most from the marginalized and the meek. And of course, really living is laughing…..as often as possible…..(if you know me, you can hear me)!

You will find in this blog, stories of my small world as it explodes into something bigger and better, largely through reaching out to those in the margins or supporting a passionate cause. My personal motivations are loving others, seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God.

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