Look at all the stuff that WE gave away!!! I let the people at the LGBT Center for Youth know just who was funding all of this. Everyone from people like me who have changed and no longer ignore the LGBTQ community, to a little girl in fourth grade who donated her own money. I let them know that people like me will stand by them and recognize they need allies and friends full of kindness and justice to come repair the damage done to their community, especially when they have no home or family to speak of. Then, I turned over the goodies! WE gave the kids at the center so many socks and long underwear! Another friend went around and bought her own socks and chapstick and gift cards AND all kinds of goodies to donate to the cause. A teenager and his mom and little brother made about one billion cookies (total exaggeration but I gave them out on the street and truly wondered if they would ever run out)! Every person who tasted them in front of me LOVED THEM and it was such a personal touch. I chatted with the young and old on the street and called them by name and in my heart, you donors were right there with me. Furthermore, all these people I chatted with asked me how I was, wanted to know why I was there, if I had kids, why my marriage fell apart and I wasn’t with my family that day, how I made it through such a thought year, and on and on. They became my friends and took time with ME! They showed compassion and love to me. WE gave to each other and for a few minutes in the cold on 12/23 and 24, and even part of 25 and 26, our souls connected. And you KNOW I will be seeing some of them again! I’m telling you friends, even though I knew I could not change their circumstances, it was so moving and energizing just to share life and love and to be able to give and receive this way. Especially when I put the softest, high quality, amazing hats purchased locally for a ridiculously low rate (given especially for this cause) from a non-profit social capitalism brand called Krochet Kids (maybe you have seen them in Whole Foods)! That almost jerked a tear or two also because I was able to use the money to buy from this company that is helping MORE people on a consistent basis (follow them on IG @krochetkids or FB @Krochet Kids int’l to see how they are changing the lives of women in Peru and Uganda). It doesn’t get any better than that unless we rid the world of problems altogether! Since we can’t do that all at once, please celebrate the generosity and kindness shown by fewer than 15 donors and see what WE did on this day in December of 2016 (an otherwise comparably poopy year, lol)! SO MUCH LOVE ALL AROUND, FRIENDS! SO MUCH! Thank you from my whole being! 

XO – Allie

P.S. – You will be encouraged to see even greater change elsewhere if you take a quick peek at what Krochet Kids is doing around the globe! 


Plus, they have really great stuff you can spend your Christmas money on or buy for gifts in 2017! I can almost promise you will LOVE their mission, vision, and values just as much as the products! 

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